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Phoebe has the power of premonition. this means that occasionally, when touching something or someone, she'll get a flash of the past or future. Sometimes it's something as small as a bottle rolling under a couch, sometimes it's something as major as watching someone die, or seeing a whole scene play out. With very few exceptions, these premonitions are used as warnings or messages of something she needs to do or someone she needs to save.

She's even had times when the premonition has been so strong that she not only feels the emotions of the person in the premonition, she's received any wounds sustained during said premonition. Although the most significant instance of this was when she actually made a psychic link with another psychic and was receiving the wounds he sustained. Another was when she had a link with a succubus terrorizing the city. She felt the physical heat of the demon and saw through her eyes each time she killed a man.

This post is for permission for Phoebe to receive premonitions from your character. This is also a place where you can request premonitions of specific events, or even for something like a psychic link if you have a psychic of your own, or even something powerful enough to project strong emotions through such a link.

This post can also be used as a general CR/HMD post. Comments will be screened.
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 Phoebe is a unique person in more ways than one. She’s a sister, a witch, a rebel, an advice columnist… and just a little bit of a diva. While all of the sisters speak their minds, she’s often the one who’s the loudest and the most in your face about it. This is best shown by the time she protested a restaurant throwing Piper out for breastfeeding by riding a horse through the city to that restaurant wearing only a long blond wig and stating “it’s so sad that women have to take off their clothes to be heard.” She has never been afraid of the limelight, or new adventure. She was the one who read the spell that gave the girls their powers, and was the first to embrace their new destiny as witches. Conversely, she was also the first to embrace a life without powers when they tried to “retire” in the final season.

 Phoebe is mostly fearless. She had no problem shouting down a demon even before she had an active power. And if one of them messed with her sisters? Forget it. She went out of her way to learn martial arts so she could better defend herself and help her sisters. Having only the power of premonition for a while meant she had to rely on her brains more than anything. By necessity she became the best spell writer of the three, able to come up with extremely effective spells on the fly. When she gained active powers, first levitation, then empathy, she was thrilled and became even more of a force to be reckoned with. The problem is that she became very reliant on her powers of premonition and empathy, even to the point where she used herbs to boost her powers so she can get a read on men during the first moments of a date so as not to waste her time with someone she’s not destined to marry. This comes back on her, though, and the magical tribunal strips her of her powers until she can earn them back by proving she can use them only for good. She didn’t fight the decision, like her sisters wanted her to. Unlike them, she realized they were right. She had been abusing her powers and she deserved the punishment that came with that. By the end of the show she’d only earned back her power of premonition. This wasn’t the only time Phoebe had sacrificed, or been willing to sacrifice, something for the greater good. On multiple occasions she’d been given a choice, be selfish and save herself (or one of her sisters) or pay for a wrongdoing or save the world. Each time it had been a difficult decision, but she chose to sacrifice Prue in order to prevent the end of the world on one occasion and on another, chose to let herself be burned at the stake for a murder she committed in the future. Both events ended with happy endings, Prue was able to be saved and she went back to the present time unharmed and able to change the events leading up to the execution, but the fact that she had chosen selflessly speaks volumes. She understands that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and that there are consequences for our actions that one can’t avoid simply by running away. Both of these sentiments are tested throughout the show, and, for the most part, she stands firm with them.

 One thing that comes up numerous times is the fact that Phoebe is more predisposed to evil than the other sisters. They can all be transformed, of course, but Phoebe is more likely to be tempted down the dark path. Unlike the others, she was born in the Halliwell manor, over the magical nexus. That nexus can go either way, good or evil. That’s why the manor is there, to use and maintain as a force of good. Like the nexus, Phoebe can go either way, good or evil. In one of her past lives she actually was evil and the other girls had to vanquish her to prevent her from destroying them. This dark possibility is what made her relationship with Cole all the more dangerous. Cole, AKA Belthasor, first approached Phoebe because, being the youngest, she was the most vulnerable. She fell deeply in love with him, and, despite his demonic half, he fell for her. He was the love of her life for years. She lied to her sisters to protect him and believed that there was good in him when no one else would. This blind love almost killed her and her sisters when Cole became the source and she became pregnant with a demonic child. Cole had been vanquished multiple times, and she continuously says she’s past him, but there’s some echo of what once was in her heart. When Cole is finally dead she says “maybe it wasn’t meant to be,” but the look in her eyes as she looks at the picture of the two of them he still had, and her body language as they leave his apartment say more than that. It may not have been meant to be, but that doesn’t mean she can’t wish it was.

 Phoebe is a hopeless romantic at heart. She wants nothing more than to find the man of her dreams and live happily ever after. Well, that and to be able to go shopping without worrying about demon attacks. Through the show she had the most boyfriends, and some of the worst luck with them. Even cupid tells her at one point that she’s closed off her heart to love. But even if she’s unlucky with love herself, she takes great pride in helping others find their true love. Her advice column is the talk of the town. She is dedicated to giving every one of her readers the best advice she can, even to the point of mailing out replies to the letters she doesn’t have room to print.  She’s not just dedicated to protecting the innocents from demons, she’s determined to help them in any way she possibly can.

 She grew up as the youngest sister and ended up as the middle sister when her oldest sister, Prue, was killed and she and Piper found their half sister, Paige. Being the youngest sister meant she was constantly living in Piper and Prue’s shadows. They were successful and she was the screw up who ran off to New York and didn’t talk to them for years. When she came back to San Francisco it took a lot of work to get their trust back, especially Prue’s. Living with them made her shortcomings even more evident and she developed the urge to better herself, to live up to the Halliwell name and the examples set by her sisters. She tried to find a magical way, first, but soon realized that there was no quick fix. So she went back to college, got a degree in psychology and put it to good use. She didn’t stop there, though. A few years later she realized that her readers deserved more than what she was giving them and she decided to go back and get her masters degree. She’s not afraid to step out into the unknown to make herself a better person, whether it’s going back to school, learning martial arts or learning more about the craft. She heads forward with a grin on her face and an eagerness to learn what she can and makes it her own.


As much as it might hurt, the best thing for you right now is--

The clatter of the almost frantic typing was interrupted by chimes as blue lights appeared in Phoebe’s office, converging until Paige stood in their place. Paige waved her hands and stared at Phoebe, wide eyed, “Um, yeah, you’ve got to come home. Like. Now.”

Phoebe’s eyes widened as she peered around Paige, making sure her office door was shut. She whispered through clenched teeth, “Paige! I told you not to just orb in here! What if someone saw you?”

Paige rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically, “I checked to make sure you were alone, first. Orb now, complain later!” She held out her hands to Phoebe.

“No, no, no. I can’t just disappear from my office! Someone will notice. What’s wrong, anyway?” Phoebe swatted at her hands as she gathered her purse and a few letters to take home with her.

“Amelia Earhart.”

Phoebe stopped, staring at her sister with her face twisted in confusion, “Amelia Earhart. She disappeared decades ago, what’s the rush?”

“I thiiiink we figured out where she went…”

“… No…” Her eyes got wider as she walked around her desk to look at Paige. She didn’t know why she was so surprised at this, it wouldn’t be the first time someone out of history appeared on their doorstep… as it were.

“Yup. Now, can we go?”

Phoebe waved her hands. “I’ve got to tell Elise I’m leaving. I’ll meet you in the elevator.”

With another eye roll, Paige orbed out.

Taking a deep breath, Phoebe opened her door and almost walked into the gorgeous man about to knock on it. She yelped in surprise before laughing it off, “Whoa! I’m s-“ Her eyes met his and the ability to make a coherent sentence flew out the window. She grinned and fidgeted with the strap of her purse. “s-s-s-sorry. H-Hi, there.”

He smiled back, “No, no, it’s alright. I just wanted to introduce myself to the famous Phoebe Halliwell.”

“F-f-famous?” Her eyes glazed over for a moment as she stared into his baby blues. Shaking her head, her smile widened as she held out her hand, “Well then, far be it from me to disappoint.”

“I’m Paul Clarke, your new assistant. Elise figured you could use some help around here. I have to say, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a big fan.” He took her hand, about to shake it, but was shocked when her grip on his tightened and she gasped in surprise.

No matter how often Piper lectured her on personal gain, she couldn’t help the premonitions about herself. They came when they came, and this one was certainly a doozy. It was brief, but the glimpse of the two of them in bed together was more than enough to get her hot and bothered. When she came back into herself she let out a shuddering sigh and let go of his hand. “It was a, um, pleasure to meet you, too, Paul. I certainly look forward to working you… working WITH you… in the future.” She laughed nervously and brushed past him, glancing back to get one more look before she walked straight into the door.

A few hours later…

Phoebe cried out as she flew backwards through the air and hit the wall. Groaning, she picked herself up off the floor, “Ow. Ow. Ow. Why can’t they ever hit us into the couch or something? Huh? Didja ever think of THAT?!” She glared at the demon. He was frozen, his arm still outstretched from throwing Phoebe.

“Our luck isn’t that good. You okay?” Piper looked over at her, the concern evident in her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Alright. One down, how many to go?”

“Three. Ugh. This would be so much easier if they’d just… behind you!”

Phoebe whirled around just in time and caught the demon in the face with a well placed kick. “Hiiiiiiyah!”

Piper froze him as soon as he hit the ground, shaking her head. “Attack all at once instead of one at a time. Remind me again why I can’t just blow them up?”

“That’s how we ended up with four, remember? You blew up the first one and we got two, then you blew up the next one and now we have four. It looks like the only way to vanquish him is to hit all of them at oooooncePIPERLOOKOUT!” Phoebe pointed and ducked, yelping as a fireball flew her way.

Piper held her hands out and froze the third demon. “Are you sure? This is so stupid, what if the fourth one doesn’t come right away? We’ll be stuck with demon lawn ornaments.”

Phoebe walked over to Piper, pulling the paper with the spell written on it out of her pocket. She met Piper’s eyes with a solemn look, “Trust me.” She paused as she looked around, “The next one’s coming, soon. Get ready.”

Only moments later, the final demon appeared, fireball at the ready. Piper froze him as she looked at the paper in Phoebe’s hand, reciting along with her.

“Evil dwells before our eyes
Causing it to multiply
Take this power, in the sun
And leave behind only one.”

Three of the four demons exploded, ashes falling to the floor. The final demon shimmered for a moment but remained whole.

Piper shrugged and looked at Phoebe. “Now can I blow him up?”

Phoebe nodded and waved an arm towards the demon, “Now you can blow him up.”

With a wave of her hands, the demon exploded, his shout of pain echoed for a moment before the dust settled and there was nothing left. Phoebe wrapped an arm around Piper’s shoulders with a grin, “That always looks like so much fun. And what a great stress reliever, too!”

“You have no idea… now help me clean up this mess. PAIGE! All clear!”

Paige orbed in with a very bewildered looking aviatrice. “See? Told ya we’d take care of it.”

Phoebe puffed out her cheeks as she thought. “Alright, then, Ms. Earhart. Let’s figure out what we’re going to do with you.”


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